From inception Sujata Gazder has embarked on a simple mission – provide accessible luxury fashion.

We believe, chic, elegant and luxurious garments that make you feel great, confident and optimistic don’t need to cost a fortune. We create clothes for women who cherish their femininity and embrace self-expression.

Our focus has always been on exquisite design and the three F’s – Fit, Form and Feel.

Giving Back

At Sujata Gazder the culture of giving back is also encouraged. We currently give 10% of our profits to charity. As we grow our aim is to increase our charitable activities and help.

Our Values
Always be passionate and excited about our creations so our customers can feel the same.
Respect everyone and treat all life with kindness and empathy.

Be a brand that is constantly striving to improve and be more sustainable.

Enjoy life’s magnificent journey.